Hiking in Oberhof

Hiking in the Thuringian Forest:
The (hiking) paradise starts right in front of the hotel

An almost unlimited network of hiking trails awaits you around Oberhof. The Rennsteig alone is an experience in itself. It winds for almost 170 kilometres through enchanted forests and valleys, across green meadows and high peaks. But there is also a lot to discover off this magnificent hiking trail. The countless smaller and larger trails lead you past unforgettable highlights. Those interested in the history of Thuringia will get their money’s worth just as much as nature lovers and culturally interested hikers. Whether with children, with dear friends, as a couple or alone, put on your hiking boots and let the holiday region Oberhof enchant you! Hiking in the Thuringian Forest is a pleasure for all senses. And the best thing is: You can practically start right in front of our hotel in Oberhof! explore interesting destinations. Staying in a comfortable hotel, being pampered and enjoying the incomparably clean air – all this belongs to a holiday of the epicurean class. Hikers get their money’s worth just as much as walkers, cyclists and GPS treasure hunters. Attractions such as the dwarf park in Trusetal, the Miniathür Park in Ruhla and the world’s largest cowbell in Kleinschmalkalden, which is well worth seeing, provide stimulating variety.

The Rennsteig: probably Germany’s most famous high-altitude hiking trail The Rennsteig is lined with around 40 picturesque towns and villages. If you walk through the magnificent landscapes with your eyes wide open, you will come across fascinating treasures everywhere: exciting museums, for example, ancient traditional crafts, but also beautiful architectural masterpieces. Hiking in and around Oberhof is particularly varied. After all, the highest peaks of the Thuringian Forest rise in this region! The Schneekopf (978 metres), the Großer Beerberg (983 metres) and the Großer Finsterberg (944 metres) are virtually just a stone’s throw away. Great destinations are also the moorland nature trail Schützenberghochmoor and the fantastically beautiful Rennsteig Garden with its more than 4000 plant species. It is Germany’s most species-rich and largest alpine garden! By the way, it is almost impossible to get lost, because the Rennsteig is marked with a big “R” all the way through. And all the other hiking trails in the holiday region of Oberhof also have excellent signposting. But if you want to be on the safe side when hiking in the Thuringian Forest, you can of course also join a professional hiking guide. Guided hiking tours are offered through almost all of Thuringia: There is guaranteed to be something to suit every taste!

These worth seeing hiking destinations are easily accessible from the hotel

Hiking in Oberhof is more than just exercise in the fresh air. Interesting wow moments are waiting at every corner, which you will certainly never forget. For example, a former, rather classic circular route has become an “avenue of Olympic and world champions”: Why not walk (or hike!) in the footsteps of world-famous top athletes! The hiking trail, which is accessible all year round and is about seven kilometres long, is flanked by numerous information panels dedicated to the most famous sportsmen and women in the region. Ronny Ackermann (Nordic combined) is represented as well as Kati Wilhelm (biathlon) and luge athlete Jochen Pietzsch. Extra tip: On the approximately six-kilometre-long “Historic Sports Facilities Hike” you can also get an unforgettable impression of the ski jumps and bobsleigh runs!

Those who prefer the sight of a still water surface will find peace and quiet during a hike to the idyllic Lütschetal reservoir. The hiking trail around the Ohratalsperre is also quite relaxed and pleasant. Although sturdy shoes are recommended for the 14-kilometre tour, it is still classified as “easy”.

Families with children will also find several so-called “buggy tours”. The paths are easy and problem-free, absolutely barrier-free and also perfectly suited for guests with limited mobility. Of course, these routes also lead through beautiful landscapes. So stop for a few minutes in between to let the wonderful nature take its effect on you! If your offspring is already out of the pram age, a hike to the children’s adventure world Rennsteig-Schuh on the border eagle is worthwhile. Here the little ones can let off steam to their heart’s content. And while the parents take a break before returning home, the kids first whiz down the exciting slide. The whole family will get their money’s worth!

Demanding hikes for active people

If you would like to combine hiking with a small sporting challenge, you are also in the right place in Thuringia. For example, for the hike to the highest point of the Rennsteig you need to be in good basic condition and sure-footed. But you will also be rewarded with fantastic views along the way! A hike to the Hohe Möst is also relatively demanding. The vantage point is known for its magnificent views. If you are not afraid of a steep descent, you should make a detour from here to the fantastic vantage point “Twelve Apostles”.

For very fit hikers, the 30-kilometre-long summit hiking trail is ideal. It leads over seven mountain tops and is aimed at all those who want to push themselves to their physical limits. You should plan about ten hours for this tour.
If, on the other hand, you would like to visit some of the memorial sites of the great poet Goethe, we recommend the Goethewanderweg. At around 18 kilometres, it may not be quite as long, but here too there are some differences in altitude that you will want to overcome. An exciting and culturally very entertaining challenge for advanced hikers! You prefer more moderate tours? Then why not go on a hike to the “Burnt Stone” and pack a small picnic in your rucksack. The enchanting Sieglitz pond is perfect for a leisurely break!

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